Tuesday, January 24, 2012

believe it or not I'm still alive

hey there blogland, it's midnight and January has a few days left, my english has gotten too rusty I think since I don't have nearly a bit of the time I used to spend reading other blogs or whatever I found interesting in the web to practice, or even translate for my friends or just write blog entries here. It's all about working and trying to learn as much as I can at the hospital right now, my life made a 360° turn and though it was really hard to adjust at first I can't see myself doing something different. I have changed in many ways 'cause I actually entered the real world and reality slapped me in the face. I wish I could share so many experiences and stories, but time goes fast, tiredness is always present and most importantly, I don't own an iphone of whatever technologic device with internet connection that could help me share with you these things, so thanks for the ones (if you're out there) that still come around to check on posts. Keep the good attitude and the good vibes around you and you'll bring the positive to your life! ;)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is a report on my... VACATION!

Exactly, I've been on vacation since last friday, and somehow I managed to stay away from the computer until last tuesday, a new record for me... WOOHOO! I came back to find a few post on my facebook wall asking where I was and if I was still alive or away on a trip hehe that is not a good sign... means I spend too much time there.... it's just so much fun! haha
Well.... though we had planned going to Petén or Panajachel (lake Atitlán), it hasn't happened yet! both places are probably full of people, but hey... you got to get out at least for a bit right? we all want to go to Pana though, we've been to Petén way to many times and just to imagine how hot it must be there makes me start sweating! ugh!
Anyway... we've been relaxing at home... cleaning (my mom freaks out because the puppy its messing with her clean floors... it drives her crazy... as you might have guessed he's not 'potty trained' yet and every morning there's poop and pee somewhere, exactly why I kept telling my sister a dog was not a good idea for this small apartment, we adore him anyway, he's just sooo cute and funny!) visiting grandma, having fun with my little cousins Diego and Mariana, speaking of them, they are both such big kids, they look older than what they are and incredibly intelligent! it's amazing.
We haven't gone to see any procesions, maybe this weekend, every time we try to leave the house it's like hell because most of the streets and avenues are closed, either because of the procesion or people making rugs! a drive that usually takes about 20 min or less can take about an hour if you're lucky.
I haven't read anything for school... I really don't want to right now... hehe
We got an email from Angelina's mom saying my baby girl has been asking for us! How sweet is that???? AND my mom had just had a dream about Angelina that same day, she was very emotional about it. We think about her and her family everyday but it's hard now to get on the computer on time for the skype call with school and all! We'll figure out a way to talk to her this week!
Weather has been great, a little bit too HOT, but still nice, blue skies and flowers everywhere, what a nice time!
If we do leave, I promise I'll take a lot of pictures!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet the new babies in the family!

Hey! so.. I'm still alive! hehe it's been very busy as you can imagine, but... I think it was about time to write a post and even add some pics!
As I mentioned in the previous post, baby Marianna joined the family last January and she is now 2 months old! she's a big and precious curly girl, seriously, it might be that I have weak arms again since I haven't hold a baby for quite a while now, but Man! she is heavy!
And now... for a big surprise, we now have a new and furry baby! It's a puppy! Well, it's my sister's puppy... her boyfriend brought it home during one of his visits. I have to say that I am not a pet lover, I mean it's not that I don't like pets... it's just that I know they are a big responsability and I realize we live in a small apartment and spent most of our time out!
Anyway... my sister kept making comments about how she wanted one, of course... she got one.
Goodness, the puppy is so cute and tiny!! I am now drooling for him, he's our new baby now. I guess we needed something like that. Though is a lot of work because he needs to be potty trained, and meanwhile that happens we have to clean all of his messes (you know what I mean :s ) and try not to spoil him too much. He's already a brat, a lovely one by the way!
In other news... there were several protest today, bus drivers around the city joined to close most of the roads and obviously very few busses were working... meaning that.... We all had a day off! and that... violence is becoming too much to bear and things can get wild. This fear we live with is turning people into savages. At least that's how I see it.

Let's see how the coming Holy Week goes... concerning me... I can't wait for some vacation and family time, not to mention all the hours of sleep I will recover! And I will actually have decent breakfasts, no more chips, cookies and peanuts because I didn't have time to eat cereal or fix anything to eat later! That diet is not helping at all, even if I have to climb four flights of stairs both to get home or to our classrooms.

Now, on to the pics... (it's late and I need to get as much sleep as possible and a mosquito has eaten most of my leg!)
Meet Toby, the puppy!! isn't he adorable??

Me and my mom holding Mariana, I think she was 1.5 months then

This is a birthday party, from last saturday, here I am with four of my bff's!
Monica and Ana Jose in the sides and Ana Lucia and me in the middle

This is a cute pic of Diego (age 5) and his baby sister Mariana (2months old) they both look alike and they are both big!

This is Diego holding the puppy, we named him Toby, though everybody seems lo call him different names!!

This is me, holding Mariana, it's hard to notice her curly hair in this one.

By the way, school is going great! ;) Oh and I can't forget to mention that we haven't seen Angelina and her family for a little while now and that kills me but really free time is really narrow these days. I have to figure out a way to see her SOON! I miss her!


Monday, February 15, 2010

yep... school has kept me THAT busy

Well, it's been... many weeks? I have no idea, but one thing I know for sure, it's been BUSY!
I have the biggest dark circles under my eyes, and almost every day I get a comment like... "you've been really busy don't you?" or "you sure didn't get much sleep last night", it's a little annoying but then I think of the time when I have to stay for 36 hours in the hospital (next year!) and wonder what will the patients think when they look at my pretty face lol!

I have learned a lot, done and touched so many new things. Every day I marvel at how perfect we are made, there is a God out there and he loves us SO MUCH! and man! there are some nasty diseases out there, so lets keep everything clean, lets have a healthy lifestyle and hope for the best. So far so good, grades are good, in fact, I have one of the best grades of my group in the last Pathology test! Woohoo! Now, I have a Microbiology test next Friday so I'm working on that, though it makes me nervious to know that it's one of the most difficult ones according to the teachers!

We have a new member of the family, little Marianna was born January 20th. She is just the cutest baby girl and she has curly hair! Diego is now a big brother and loves his sister to death, he's so protective of "his baby girl". She is one month old now and getting prettier by the day!
Speaking of months... that's how long it has been since the last time we skyped with Angelina and her family. I miss her so much!! sometimes I think I am over the fact that she is gone but we all miss her so much. She marked our lives in a big way, specially for me and my mom, and it's not easy to let go of the strong feelings towards that little girl, 'cause she is no longer the baby we took care of. School has kept me busy even on the weekends, that or we just use that free time to go out together as a family, or simply rest! The girls are so beautiful, and I just wish I could hold them in my arms and kiss their chicks and tell them how much I love them in person, but that just seems so far away... I keep thinking that I won't have much free time as the years go by and this dream is not looking any closer to reality :'(

Ok, it's late and I better go to bed, I might not sleep at all tomorrow, to end up this post... we had two earthquakes on Tuesday, one at 5:00 am and the other one around 10:00am, the second one was the most scary, it was 5.7 degrees in the Richter scale, how I hate earthquakes... I freak out everytime and it's just awful, specially after what happened in Haiti, we had one like that in 1976 and it was just as terrible. Anyway... I'll try to post more often... won't make any promises but next time I'll try to post pictures as well!


Monday, January 18, 2010

back to school!

so everything is going back to the routine, let's say the weather is almost back to normal... it's still a little chilly for my taste hehe though it's sunny now, traffic jams, early wake ups, spending most of our days out, oh and I must not forget.... the earthquakes!
it was my first day at school today as well as my sister's and we were all welcomed by a 6 degree earthquake in the Richter scale! Man! that was scary! specially since I was in a crowded class in the fourth floor of the building!
As I see it I will have less and less time to write here because of school and just living life, I don't want to stop though I wish I could write about so many things going on here. But I need to set all my energy into becoming a doctor, a very good one.

My little cousin Marianna will be born on wednesday, my aunt has a c-section programed for that day. We are so excited, in my mom's side of the family me and my sister, we've been the only girls for sooo long!

There is and unbelievable twist to the Rosenberg case, aparently he planned his own death!! What in the world?? That's what the CICIG found out after about a year of investigations.
Plus... the awful earthquake in Haiti... the images are heart breaking, this is the time when we have to show our brothers our support in every way.
Lot's to say about these subjects but not enough time... need to read an article about innate inmunity... see ya next time!

I'll leave you with a pic... just because I love my brother and sister


Monday, January 11, 2010

C O L D !!!!

we broke a record today, it's incredibly cold here! I mean, it even snowed in the top of the Tajumulco Volcanoe, one of the highest of the continent. We are hitting the 39ºF this morning at 8am in Guate City!! and they said the temps could get lower tonight and tomorrow!
Man! this is not my type of weather.... It's hard to move my fingers! I mean... we could have snow!! something I would never even dream of.
And just to cope with it all... we had an earthquake! It wasn't very strong though.
My brother starts school tomorrow, I'm going to miss him :( my days of glory are almost gone, I start school on Monday, I'm excited though.

brrrrr! that's all for today... I need to warm my hands!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Pics, as promised

Ok, they are not in a chronological order but anyway... this is from a little trip to the coast, where my grandpa works, he couldn't be with us to celebrate the new year so we brought the party to him hehe

New Year's Cuties, we had an awesome time

ROCKIN' 2010

Can you tell we were having fun? Peace everyone! haha

Me and my daddy, I look so much like him!!

The boys enjoying the fireworks on New Year's, it was not as big a display as Christmas but it was still cool

Happy New Year mommy!! We love you so much!

Lil' bro


Bro and cousin before San Silvestre race, Dec 31st, this is a big tradition for us, my grandpa and uncle have run it since they were really young, this was the first year grandpa couldn't be there but he was real proud to see his grandsons running it

Molly's bday, Dec 29, she had chocolate and cheese cake and grandma did some delicious empanadas! Happy Bday Sisi!

Sibling's Love

Mommy recieving her present from grandma, you can feel the love in this one haha

The boys, Christmas day

This one's from Christmas celebration with my dad's family, here we are with most of the girls, including the newest adition, my niece (!) Ariela.

My little sweetie, Diego, he's not into picture taking but I managed to get him to pose to "show his new Optimus Prime action figure"

And last but now least, Christmas cuties, check out the bag full of karaoke cd's!