Tuesday, January 24, 2012

believe it or not I'm still alive

hey there blogland, it's midnight and January has a few days left, my english has gotten too rusty I think since I don't have nearly a bit of the time I used to spend reading other blogs or whatever I found interesting in the web to practice, or even translate for my friends or just write blog entries here. It's all about working and trying to learn as much as I can at the hospital right now, my life made a 360° turn and though it was really hard to adjust at first I can't see myself doing something different. I have changed in many ways 'cause I actually entered the real world and reality slapped me in the face. I wish I could share so many experiences and stories, but time goes fast, tiredness is always present and most importantly, I don't own an iphone of whatever technologic device with internet connection that could help me share with you these things, so thanks for the ones (if you're out there) that still come around to check on posts. Keep the good attitude and the good vibes around you and you'll bring the positive to your life! ;)

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